Pray Watch app connects your spiritual and everyday life together!

ALERT! 100% Privacy! No ads! No selling of data! The disturbing events of muslim apps and other privacy abuses and military spying must be stopped!

Way We Work

Simple yet elegant is the key to our approach, as well as the belief that continual process improvement is always possible.

Got Awwwards

Our developers are rock stars and have plenty of awards, certificates, and accomplishments.

Love to Work

This ain't a 9-to-5; coding is an art and every app is a masterpiece.

It's Our Passion

We're not just building apps, we're on a mission for our Creator.

Think Out of Box

We strive to be pioneers with a more creative point of view.

Clean and Simple

Islamic prayer times in an elegant, modern interface.


Accuracy ensures you pray on time from anywhere on the globe.

More Faster

Latest standards and sophisticated caching methods provide quick referencing of prayer times.

Flat & Stylish

Incorporating the latest industry designs for mobile and wearables.


Internet only required first time to determine location and timezone, then prayer times formulas work completely offline.

Features Available with Mobile App

Beautiful, Modern Design

Dark theme provides a unique and elegant look.

Easy to Customize

Choose from 7 prayer time methods and 3 Asr calculations.

Today Widget

Displays all prayer times in an accessible and compact design.


Prayer notifications with unique option to snooze alert for reminding you later.

Features Available with Wearable App

Beautiful, Modern Design

Animated prayer face inspired by none other than Apple Watch's face.

Glance Prayers

Displays upcoming prayer in an accessible and compact glance.


Set prayer reminders in case you got your hands full.

Nearest Masjid

Pray in congregation or just to escape the chaos.

Get Notified of any updates!

Based on research and your feedback.

Some Screens

Gallery of Pray Watch app in action.


Our Price

Making prayers on time is priceless. What we charge is to cover costs of development, support, and updates.

Pray Watch App

$ 4.99

  • iPhone 5+
  • Apple Watch

We Plan To Be Everywhere

Currently on the Apple ecosystem including iPhone and Apple Watch (other devices coming soon insha'Allah).

About Us

Pray Watch was created by Zamzam Inc. with lead developer Basem Emara. It was inspired for the new generation of wearable devices.

3583 Sheppard Ave East

Suite 312

Toronto, ON Canada

M1T 3K8

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